About Me

Safety & Industrial Copywriter

I specialize in the safety & industrial markets because I have extensive knowledge and experience in both.

I have a master’s degree in Environmental Health and Safety from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Since graduating, I’ve worked as a safety professional in various industrial settings. Primarily, mining. So not only do I have an advanced education in this field… but also real-world experience.

As a safety professional, I’ve designed, developed, and implemented a number of safety programs. I also wrote the materials and conducted the training for those programs. Being in charge of safety also meant that I was responsible for purchasing safety products and distributing them to employees.

I began my copywriting career by enrolling in several courses through American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI). AWAI is known as the world’s leading publisher of direct response copywriting programs, and has produced top copywriters from all over the world.

When searching for a copywriter to work with you on your next project, be sure to find someone who has been trained by AWAI. You’ll get the best quality copy, and therefore the best return on investment.

Furthermore, if you can find someone who already knows your business and understands your buyers… then it’ll be a successful relationship for both you and the writer.

So, if you’re in the safety or industrial market and need help writing sales content or marketing material… look no further. Contact me today to see how I can help.


When I’m not working on copywriting projects, I’m usually either hunting, fishing, or playing with my dogs! I also love to travel — it’s a never-ending bucket list!

I live in northern Minnesota with my husband Andrew. Currently our family consists of two dogs and five chickens. Life is good!