Why You Should Stop Pitching Your Product
April 28th 2017
The time has come for us to stop focusing on the product, and to start focusing on the customer. Manufacturers have traditionally concentrated their marketing efforts on the product – features and benefits, bells and whistles, the “latest and greatest!” For a long time, those kinds of marketing efforts worked. And still do! But there’s a time and place for it – the end of the sales funnel… read more.


Trade Show Marketing in 6 Simple Steps
February 28th 2017
The first step in preparing for trade show success is to set measurable and realistic goals. The easiest way to do is this is to ask yourself the basic question: Why are you exhibiting? Most often it’s because you want to generate leads for your business. However, you may have other reasons in mind such as… read more


17 Reasons to Use Online Video in 2017
January 27th 2017
Online video is quickly becoming the newest trend in web and info marketing. True, it’s been around for a few years, and a lot of companies have already been successful with video marketing….But more and more businesses are starting to catch on… read more