Copywriting Services for the Safety & Industrial Markets

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributer, or supplier… you need quality sales content and marketing material.

But the fact is, you’re busy! And you just don’t have time to write quality, effective copy for everything you do.

What you need, is a writer. Preferably one who understands the industrial market. Someone who can readily convert your target audience into paying customers. That’s where I come in.

Industrial Copywriter

In addition to being a successful copywriter, I’ve also worked as a safety manager in the industrial markets. I’ve worked in construction, mining, and also for an applied research facility.

Why is this important? Because I’ve been on the other side. I understand the perspective of your target audience. I know their struggles and I understand their buying process. Which is exactly why I’m able to write quality, effective copy.

So if you’re going to invest in a copywriter, invest in someone who knows the industry. Why settle for a generalist copywriter when you can have someone who has some real-world experience in your target market? Invest in someone who understands your business and your buyers.

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